Brick Stone began his career at the age of eight, printing an independent school newspaper for Frost elementary. Though shut down for libel and obscenity, it was the beginning of Brick's journey into journalism. Changing his name to Brick Stone after being told by a publicist that Shmoikel Rabbinowitz wasn't Hollywood enough, Stone first began interviewing accident and disaster victims with a solitary quest, to make strangers cry on camera, which later changed to getting strangers to look stupid on youtube, in hopes they'd cry later.

When first happening upon the Westboro Baptist Church, Brick mistook them for lazy performance artists, or an above average improv troupe. Upon learning that the "God Hates Fags" signs were in earnest, Brick strived to understand their hatreds: gays, Jews, soldiers, cartoons involving talking animals, African but not Indian elephants, and so on. In hopes of either understanding their curious ideology, or preferably, chasing them away from whatever church, funeral or PFLAG awards ceremony they were pestering, Brick began following them around the country asking questions ranging from confusingly insulting to insultingly offensive. He has questioned Fred Phelps' children Shirley Phelps Roper and Jon Phelps, as well as grandchildren Megan and Sarah Phelps in places such as California, New York, and Virginia. Stone has also interviewed Nathan Phelps, the estranged son of leader Fred, who escaped the family the literal moment he turned 18.

When not harassing fanatics, Brick can be found doing stand up comedy in New York and Los Angeles, producing and writing sketch comedy, and continuing to publish a libelous, obscene newspaper about Frost elementary school.